McKinney Development

The City of McKinney is updating its development regulations to make them clearer and more enforceable, and to implement the ONE McKinney 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

adoption DRAFT released


Summary of Notable Changes

JUNE 2022

The Consolidated Draft of the complete new McKinney Development Code is now available for public review and feedback! This page describes notable changes related to the guiding objectives of the update project. Those are: Usability, Modernization, Flexibility, and Predictability. Read on to learn how the new code addresses those objectives.


Since 2019, the project team has been working to update and improve the development regulations in McKinney. The team gathered feedback from the elected officials, residents, development community, and city staff throughout the drafting of the proposed development regulations. This feedback provided guidance to the team to be able to update the development regulations in the focus areas mentioned above: usability, modernization, flexibility, and predictability. Below are summaries of some of the notable changes in the proposed new code. Please look over the improvements prior to reviewing the document as there is some helpful information on organization and navigation. Once you have explored the proposed new Code, we invite you to give us your thoughts through the associated survey, which will remain open through August 15, 2022.


The Project Team have created resources to help the public understand how changes to the code will work in practice.

Explore the draft Development Guide, learn more about the Planning Department's most common processes, including information on submission requirements for applications such as special use permits, site plans, plats, and other zoning actions.

Use the Zoning Comparison tool to explore the new zoning districts and how McKinney’s existing zoning districts would transition to the proposed land uses and space limits in the new code.

If you have questions about either of these resources, or about anything else related to the new code, please reach out to the City of McKinney Planning Department!

october 13, 2022

The Adoption Draft of the complete new McKinney Development Code is now available!


The Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council will hold a joint public hearing on adoption of the new code on November 15, 2022. Members of the public are invited to express their opinions at the hearing, or by emailed comment prior to the hearing, at

For more information on the upcoming hearing, visit the Events page.