Project Updates

Public Draft of Zoning Districts & Land Uses Now Available for Review!


The public draft of the second installment of McKinney's new Development Code, Zoning Districts and Land Uses, is now available for public review and feedback. This installment of the Code contains an updated lineup of base zoning districts. The district lineup encompasses McKinney’s current districts, plus a couple of new district additions, and also incorporates the City’s obsolete districts. There have also been changes to the dimensional standards for the districts – minimum lot size, setbacks, height – to allow for more flexibility. The other part of this installment is a revised list of permitted land uses. Both sections have been reorganized and reformatted to make them more user-friendly. Additionally, illustrations and tables have been added to make information easier to understand.

This draft of Zoning Districts and Land Uses is accompanied by a cover memo that outlines all changes to the document, and includes a Zoning District Transition Strategy, proposed as a means of offering relief if a property owner wishes to dispute the zoning reclassification of their property, prior to or upon adoption of the City's new Development Code.

Click here to review the public draft of Districts and Uses, or here to review the cover memo. You can access also both the draft and the cover memo from the Documents page of this web site. Once you have taken a look, we will hope you will take a minute to give us your feedback on the draft through this survey, which will remain open until March 31, 2021. We hope to hear what you think!