project documents

Residential Development Presentation

This document is a copy of the presentation that will be used a the basis of discussion at the joint Planning Commission and City Council meeting on residential development in McKinney.

installment 2: Zoning Districts and Land Uses, public draft

Public Draft

The public draft of Installment 2 contains Section 2.2, Zoning Districts, with a revised lineup of districts for the City, along with updated dimensional standards that govern them. Section 2.3, Use Regulations, contains a revised table of allowed land uses, plus a definition for each use, and any additional use-specific standards that apply.

Cover Memo

The cover memo summarizes all changes in the public draft, and includes a description of a Zoning District Transition Strategy, suggested as a means of allowing relief for property owners who dispute a rezoning classification of their property.

installment 1: administration and procedures, public draft


The public draft of Installment 1 contains Article I, General Provisions, which is is the administration section of the new Code, describing the purpose of the development code regulations, along with where and how they apply in the city of McKinney. Article II, Section 2.1, Zoning Procedures, describes the standard procedures and rules applicable to all development applications, while Article III, Section 3.1, Subdivision Procedures,  describes the standard procedures and rules applicable to all subdivision applications.

Code ASsessment and Annotated Outline

assessment cover.png

The Code Assessment and Annotated Outline provides an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the current development regulations and makes recommendations for improvements. This report will serve as the roadmap for drafting code changes.