Project Tasks

Updating the City’s development regulations is a major undertaking and will require substantial community input and collaboration among a wide range of McKinney stakeholders. Below is a summary of the project timeline and major project milestones.

Task 1: Project Orientation - Summer 2019 (complete)

As a first step, the team reviewed background ordinances, plans, and related materials to prepare for initial meetings in July 2019 with City staff, decision-making bodies, the Technical Advisory Committee, the Citizen Advisory Committee, the McKinney Development Committee, and other community stakeholders. These meetings helped shed light on where the current regulations are working well, and where they can be improved. The project team also toured McKinney with City staff to see how key land use issues are playing out in practice.

Task 2: Short-Term Priority Amendments (underway - early 2021)

The project team has drafted targeted code amendments to address known code issues that require immediate attention. Topics covered as part of this task include Sign regulations, and parking regulations.

Task 4: Prepare the Draft Development Code (underway throughout 2021)

Installment 1: Administration & Procedures

DRAFT COMPLETE: October 2020

This installment addresses all review and approval procedures in McKinney related to land use and development, along with enforcement procedures and rules for nonconformities. Existing procedures have been reviewed and updated to promote efficient and predictable decision-making.

Installment 2: Zoning Districts and Land Uses DRAFT COMPLETE: February 2021

This installment has an updated lineup of zoning districts, as well as updated dimensional standards (building setbacks, height standards, lot coverage, etc.). It also includes a revised list of allowed land uses in each zoning district, along with updated district permissions. This section also includes definitions for the permitted uses, any use-specific stndards that apply, and information on evaluation criteria when a use requires a Specific Use Permit.

Installment 3: Development Standards DRAFT UNDERWAY: Anticipated Summer 2021

This installment will include standards that address the look and feel of new development and redevelopment, such as grading and drainage, landscaping, parking, access and connectivity, building design, and signs. The development standards are also expected to address environmental and open space protection, sustainability, and redevelopment and infill standards. Sign regulations is also proposed to be included in this installment.

Consolidated Draft DRAFT ANTICIPATED: Fall 2021

For each of the three installments, the project team first provides a draft to be reviewed internally by City staff and stakeholders ("staff draft") for technical accuracy and to ensure appropriate direction. Following staff comments, the project team prepares and updated version of the installment, the "public draft," that is posted here on the project website. The team will collect comments received on the three installments and then prepare a single Consolidated Draft for further review prior to beginning the adoption process.

Task 5: Adoption


After receiving input on the Consolidated Draft, the project team will create an Adoption Draft that will be considered for recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Commission and approval by the City Council.

As a companion guide to the new Development Code, the team will prepare an Executive Summary that describes the project, compares the existing and proposed regulations, and summarizes all major changes.

Task 3: Code Assessment - Fall 2019 (complete)

The project team evaluated the current development regulations in detail and prepared a report that outlines the major issues to be addressed in the update project, based on the team’s independent review and also stakeholder feedback. The assessment incorporates potential new approaches for McKinney based on national and local best practices. An annotated outline was also prepared showing how a revised code could be organized, serving as a roadmap for the remainder of the project.

The Assessment Report is avaialble for review now!